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Intellectual Capital Sharing
Intellectual Capital Sharing
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While businesses and individuals strive to outpace and differentiate themselves from their competitors, there is one key resource over which they have absolute control - and that's the human resource. Education and training are essential investment tools to harness the potential of intellectual capital and use it to your advantage. Targeted Training. Industry-leading Certifications. Skills Development. Continuous Learning. In today's constantly evolving, knowledge-driven global market, EWIS's Corporate Education Solutions offers the tools necessary for realizing individual potential and enhanced corporate performance. As an organization we've moved beyond basic training, to offer you every possible tool, in any combination, that will allow us to deploy cost-effective solutions to take full advantage of your human resource.

Through EWIS Corporate Education Solutions, you can access regularly scheduled technical, applications and business skills training, customized course offerings tailored to any subject you require, online courses, skills assessment/gap analysis, ROI measurement tools and vendor certification testing and practice tests. EWIS provides a variety of delivery options (i.e. instructor-led, e-learning, blended) and can recommend a learning management system for your particular needs. Because of the nature of work today multi-tasking and cross-functional duties are common, so we've introduced project management, team work, communication and leadership curriculum through our business skills learning arm, to help you adapt to the ever-changing environment and be fully prepared for your next assignment. Most importantly, EWIS has the expertise to make these tools work for you - operations staff, personal account managers and the deepest and most diverse pool of the best trainers and educators available in Sri Lanka - all at your disposal. So whether you are interested in registering for a course through our website or working with an Account Manager to integrate our offerings into your fiscal cycle and training plan, EWIS offers complete flexibility and end-to-end solutions. We are experts in the industry so you don't have to be.