Our Presence


EWIS is highly involved in the healthcare sector deploying diverse solutions to meet the needs of the customers. In 2018, EWIS implemented the first fully automated Medical Supplies Management Information System (MSMIS) in South Asia. The MSMIS manages the supply of medical drugs from manufacturers to all government hospitals and other healthcare institutions across the island.


Since 1997, EWIS plays a pivotal role in elevating the ICT education of the nation.


Under the Sri Lanka’s largest computer installation project, EWIS deployed over 55,000 computers and other accessories to over 800 schools across all the provinces.
EWIS collaborated with the Ministry of Education, to conduct customer forums across the country enlightening principals and IT teachers on handling issues related to school computer labs.
EWIS took the first steps in the transformation of digital education in Sri Lanka by introducing Smart Interactive Boards. Smart interactive boards have transformed conventional education into a more integrative teaching and learning experience. Smart boards can play explanatory videos while also allowing the teachers to write on it as they would on a normal board. It also has the ability to automatically plot a graph by simply clicking and dragging the equation onto the graph, upload interactive content which can be obtained online and increase the rapport between the student and the teacher. EWIS has introduced smart boards to multiple schools across the island including Ladies College, Trinity College and Kingswood.
Since the first wave of Covid-19, EWIS took the initiative to facilitate distance learning for Government, Private and International Schools, Universities and Vocational Training Institutes. This was done under the direction of Microsoft Corporation and Ministry of Education. A prior training was also conducted to ensure successful implementation.

EWIS provided Engineering and Technical Support to the National Broadcast Provider; Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation to telecast a series of educational programmes under the title “edu.com” during Covid-19 to gratify the educational needs of the students who will be sitting for Grade 5 Scholarship, GCE Ordinary Level and Advanced Level Examinations. Modern study equipment such as Smart Boards were provided by EWIS to conduct the lessons effectively.


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Banking & Finance

EWIS has helped banks, insurance companies and financial organizations to achieve top returns from their technology investments. Total solutions including both hardware and software have been deployed to multiple banks across the island along with help desks. The help desks placed at the banks, provide real-time-service in an event of a device/system functionality.

Public & Government Sector

EWIS offers a full spectrum of solutions to meet the challenges faced by Public Sector Organizations. Turnkey solutions have been deployed to more than 400 Public Sector Organizations across the country including Federal, State, Municipalities, Government Agencies and Higher Education Institutions.