Buyewis.lk is the Online Shopping Website of EWIS. It caters to B2C segment. Through buyewis.lk, one can easily browse, gain information, select, pay online and get the product delivered to the doorstep. Wide range of IT devices are available to purchase online through buyewis.lk. The goal of buyewis.lk is to facilitate convenient shopping experience and thereby ensure customer satisfaction.

OEM Products and Manufacturing

EWIS boasts to be the Sri Lanka’s first and only local Original Device Manufacturing (ODM) plant, designing and developing high end desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and all-in-one computers, mobile phones and smart interactive boards at the state of art 25,000 square foot plant located in Sooriyawewa, Hambantota. The plant has also been awarded CE, FCC ROHS , ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 14000 certifications for its quality excellence and is equipped with world class manufacturing methods and cutting edge technologies from partners like Intel and Microsoft to produce best-in-class products. The plant is equipped to manufacture PCs catering to the customized demands in all the verticals under the B2B and B2C segments.

EWIS launched specialized tablet computers to be mounted on multi day fishing boats enabling the fishermen to communicate with land passing on information regarding their daily catch. It also helps to reduce the lead time taken to transport the harvest to various markets. In addition, device is dust proof, water proof and contain anti corrosion particles making the device sea worthy.

Server and Storage

Server Consolidation refers to hosting of different types of applications such as email, financials, databases and file serving in a single large server. EWIS team of experts assess the requirements and challenges of a particular infrastructure and propose suitable server consolidation programs to meet the end user requirements.

EWIS liaised with the Department of Registration of Persons to develop, install and commission the ICAO software to streamline the National Identity Card process. Over 2000 studios are registered under the Department of Registration of Persons for the purpose of capturing photos for the National Identity Cards. Through this software, once the photo is captured, a printed copy carrying the applicant details will be handed over to the applicant along with a QR-code reader instead of the printed photographs. The photograph which was taken by the studio adhering to the parameters of the ICAO software will be transmitted to the DRP database for the processing of the National Identity Card.

Cyber Security

EWIS offers a variety of services from information security consulting to assessing, testing and improving the protection of applications and infrastructure. The team of experts at EWIS add a personal touch to each customer by developing customized solutions to meet their requirements.

Security, Surveillance and Intelligence Systems

EWIS has a wide range of best in class security, surveillance and intelligence solutions to meet the challenging environments. EWIS deployed the current CCTV system of Ladies College. It is the only CCTV system deployed at an educational institute with video analytic features where the entire school boundary can be monitored by a single security person for unauthorized entry and exit. The factor which differentiates this particular CCTV system from others is that it provides real time notifications on a separate screen if there is any unauthorized entry or exit. In addition if there is any unusual movement across the CCTV boundaries for more than thirty seconds, an alert notification will be provided for the relevant authorities. Therefore this solution has enabled relevant authorities to keep track of the security alerts and take necessary actions to enhance the security standard of the school.

Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud computing technologies are ubiquitous and they are transforming the current business models. EWIS delivers the best-in-breed cloud system integrations, application development and managed services in order to enhance the efficiency levels of different business operations.

Point of Sales Solutions (POS)

The POS solution of EWIS is designed for the retail sector supporting multiple device integrations through the API framework, facilitating complete end-to-end automation. By implementing this POS solution, EWIS has automated the head office and hundred and fifty outlets of Lanka Sathosa, enabling the senior management to monitor the daily operations of the outlets in real- time.

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software enables managing of commercial functions of a business in an integrative manner facilitating continuous improvement. EWIS is the authorized re-seller for PRONTO ERP software in Sri Lanka. Being a powerful ERP system suited to deliver immediate and lasting value to mid-market companies, PRONTO-Xi runs successfully in over 1400 organizations around the world including Sri Lanka.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance division is a vibrant area at EWIS since service delivery tops our priority list. With nearly two decades of experience, the core role of the maintenance division is to provide best after sales services to the customers. The maintenance division comprises of two divisions

On-site comprehensive

On-site comprehensive division promptly troubleshoots and rectifies defects related to hardware and software in an event of device malfunctioning.

On-site labour

On-site labour division provides consultation and support services to the clients in order to carry out their operations seamlessly.

Strong work ethics, delivery focus and the passion of the workforce along with the branch network located island wide have helped EWIS to excel in service excellence.